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From Double D

Boat Services

Bottom Painting
Sanding and Scraping
Install zincs: (Shaft, trim tabs, rudder)
Power wash
Chemical treatment on hull
Scraping hull or engine
Install Battery
Commission water systems
Pickup or Deliver via water
Pickup or Deliver on your trailer

Other Services

Winterizations, Electrical ABYC, Glass Work


Tune Ups: Change fuel filter, water separator, zinc anodes and spark plugs. Clean or replace air intake, adjust carburetor, adjust ignition and fuel systems. Run engine check for proper operation (including alarms)


Tune Ups: Changing fuel filter(s), water separator(s), spark plugs. distributor cap, rotor, points, condenser, and engine zincs, Set timing and dwell. Clean or replace air intake, adjust carburetor, adjust ignition and fuel systems, check cooling. Run engine and check for proper operation (including alarms)

Diesel Engine

Change fuel filter(s), change water separator(s), change or clean air filter, change zincs, adjust fuel and ignition systems, inspect belts and hoses. Start and run the engine. Check for leaks and check for overall operation (incl. alarms). Adjust throttle and stop cable if necessary.

Outdrive Service

Based upon yearly service of unit: Remove prop, clean and lubrucate prop shaft, reinstall prop. Drain lower unit, pressure & vacuum test of lower unit, refill with new gear oil. Lubricate U-joints and other fittings in intermediate housing. Check/inspect outdrive and prepare estimate for needed repairs.

Double D's Goal is to give each customer outstanding service at a fair price.

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